Tokyo Clothier Deploys Anti-Swine Flu Suit

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In Japan, the culture around work is very very serious. You work. All day long. And by all day I mean 8am to 9pm or longer. And to cap off your long day (before going to a karaoke bar, of course) your travel is bookended with crammed trains. The foot traffic on the trains is so legendary that you might be able to get away with being a white-gloved Japanese subway-passenger-pusher for Halloween tomorrow. Enter H1N1 though, and the commute becomes all the more dangerous because of the shoving and cramming and the tight spaces in which people can spread their infectious swine flu throughout the train. To counter the spread of the flu, Japanese clothing company Haruyama Trading has developed an anti-H1N1 business suit. That’s right, a business suit designed to repel the swine flu. The suit is available in four colors and is coated in the same germ-killing chemicals used in toothpaste.

The suit is proven to kill 40 percent of the latest flu virus in about three hours and will retain its protective capability even after being washed several times. “If a person with the flu virus coughs, it might get on someone else’s suit and from there, another person might get infected,” [a Haruyama executive] told Reuters Television. “Small children might catch the virus after touching their father’s suit. We came up with this idea to protect all businessmen and their families.”

The suit costs $590 and is also guaranteed to make you wealthy and wise.