Sutra Lounge will close after a 10 year run. It was a really great spot and its loss is like losing the restaurant Kiev or Holiday Bar, Mars Bar, 7A or a myriad of other places that gave the East Village its character. Owner Ariel Palitz is one of those one-man-band kind of operators. She was here, there and everywhere, pouring blood sweat and tears into this venerable institution. It worked. Agai... Read More >

Whilst flitting about the City of Light in the autumn of 2007, we caught whispers of what was purported to be a genuine cocktail bar, furtively tucked away in the not particularly trendy 2nd arrondissement. Bewildered, we set out to see if it was true. And indeed, behind a discreet door along the Rue Saint-Saveur, we found ourselves in an intimate but somewhat baroquely adorned space—with not t... Read More >

Barnstorming, an event where more than the usual number of bands play less than the usual length set, comes to the Bowery Ballroom (6 Delancey Street) this Thursday August 21st starting at 7pm. My pal Tommy London invited me and I'm all revved up and ready to go. It is Rock and Roll NYC style as KILLCODE, The Dirty Pearls, Mother, Ten Ton Mojo, The Threads, the Liza Colby Sound and J and the 9s w... Read More >

Coby Koehl, whom Boy George once described as a male Amy Winehouse, will perform at Stonewall (63 Christopher Street) this Wednesday at 9pm. Nightlife veteran Christine Jennings will host. He is boosting his new single “Vogue Is My Religion.” I'm looking forward to catching Vanessa Daou from The Daou perform at the Sidewalk Cafe (94 Avenue A) this Wednesday at 9:30pm if I can be in two places ... Read More >

The best party of the year for the last 24 years is the annual GMHC Latex Ball. Th Ball will attract a couple of thousand individuals from all corners and persuasions. It will attract the good, the bad, and the lovely. It will make you laugh, cry, scream, plead and gush. It is held to raise money to fight and promote awareness about HIV prevention. The "House" and "Ball" community is especially at... Read More >

THURSDAY, AUGUST 14 The Happy Show An African discotheque experience. Output 74 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn 10 PM Bang Tidy: Warm Up for Burning Man Clothing, food, and jewelry for sale, with DJs Lukas, Elon, Xander, and Oliver. Output Roof 74 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn 5 PM 21st Precinct Art Show Massive art show in a building about to be torn down. Music by Kamala Jefferson. 327 East 2... Read More >

A massive art show will take place at 327 East 22nd Street in a building set to be demolished at the end of the month. It will happen this Thursday, August 14th, for VIPs with RSVPs, and continue from there for weekend shows ending Sunday, August 24. Then, expect a massive kaboom.The show called the 21st Precinct Art Project includes work from Adam Dare, Al Diaz, Amanda Marie, ASVP, Ben Agnotti, B... Read More >

Trend Watch: Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Pop Up Hotel

Hotels | By. Ken Scrudato | August 12, 2014

Vegas and LA share a curious relationship. Both trade liberally in illusion, of course—and they’re also the two top American cities for making and losing a fortune in a hurry. Asian hotelier Mandarin Oriental has yet to find a permanent home in Los Angeles. But, fittingly, their Vegas outpost is setting up what is essentially a flirtation station with Hollywood, teasing the City of Angels w... Read More >

I took some time off this week as work got in the way of the joy of writing. I helped co-owner Michael Bregman get Leonora open for yesterday’s opening night party for Phoenix, Julia Stiles and James Wirt's play at the Cherry Lane Theatre (38 Commerce Street.) Leonora's other co-owner is the always effervescent Noel Ashman of Veruka, Plumm, and NA fame. Leonora is a smallish, cozy lounge locate... Read More >

How to Drink Red Wine This Summer

Nightlife | By. Ken Scrudato | August 7, 2014

We know who you are. You are the sick and the tired of being served insufferably precious Mason Jar cocktails by some ostensible reject from a Civil War reenactment troupe (who is, in fact, a reject from NYU Film School). And you are the equally tired of being told that some amber-ish liquid brewed by a guy named Zack up in the Catskills is the next great craft beer sensation. Pish-posh, you sa... Read More >