Two Wonderful Opening Nights

Goodnight Mr. Lewis | By. Steve Lewis | September 16, 2014

I love bingo. It's my addiction. I even have BINGO tattooed on my right shoulder. It's like that. Well, bingo with Linda Simpson will have its grand opening tonight at that brand new boîte that everyone is chatting about, The Lodge Club (35 West 8th Street). I'm going and dragging along some friends. It starts at 7:30pm, so my contemporaries have no excuse. It ends around 10, so they can be in b... Read More >

Openings Galore and an Anniversary

Goodnight Mr. Lewis | By. Steve Lewis | September 12, 2014

Tonight, the club with the best name in a long ass minute opens. Frankie Sharp, my guitar hero opens Lovegun, with all the unusual suspects attached. It is calling itself a "Gay Club" and it is located at 617 Grand Street, Brooklyn. Music will be provided by MIKE Q, Juliana Huxtable, DICAP (Anthony DiCapua) and Joey LaBeija. Of course there will be a performance by La'fem Ladosha and Xander w... Read More >

Space Ibiza New York to Open

Goodnight Mr. Lewis | By. Steve Lewis | September 11, 2014

Space Ibiza New York opens Friday, with what they are calling their "Opening Fiesta Part 1.” Space Ibiza New York is a mega club way off to the left and up there at 637 West 50th Street. Now don't panic, there are no tolls, and passports are not required...except maybe as ID. I went recently to take a peek and took the subway to 50th and 8th. I figured it was a nice pleasant walk on a summer day... Read More >

Fashion week is everywhere, and it’s all so annoying. I mean, where are the cabs? However, Fashion week can be a good thing for clubs jolting out of summer. This time of year can be problematic, as operators and patrons need to adjust their thinking in many ways. The weather is changing and the contrasting cool nights create many what to wear moments. The tourists have all flocked back to Capist... Read More >

W Chicago Lakeshore Unveils Swish New Look

Hotels | By. Ken Scrudato | September 8, 2014

When W debuted in 1998, it yanked the designer hotel business out of its indie cocoon and dropped it onto the NY Stock Exchange. Independent, design obsessed boutique hotels had already been popping up from Munich to Miami to Milan—but now it would be big business. Sixteen years later, there are dozens of W hotels scattered throughout the US, Europe and Asia. And, as happens, when held up to ... Read More >

Adult Magazine's new issue at American Two Shot Thursday night my buddy Corey Olsen; a photographer, and myself, whatever I am, decided we would hit some fashion week parties so you didn't have to. After checking out the new issue of Adult magazine at American Two Shot we headed over to the Meatpacking because *we luv 2 party*. We met up with some friends to, you know, "paint the town red" o... Read More >

On Meeting and Laughing With Joan Rivers

Celebrity | By. Steve Lewis | September 5, 2014

Photo via IFC Films One of the interesting things about nightlife is getting to meet, and sometimes getting to know celebrities.  I remember the Roxy Music lyrics, "With every idol, a bring down, it gets you down," and it can be sort of like that. Rarely are they actually larger than life, save for their egos. Having been involved in some pretty swanky joints, I’ve met my share. I have had rel... Read More >

Richard Geoffroy, Iris van Herpen, Anja Rubik, Arnaud de Saignes Kicking-off New York Fashion Week, on September 3rd, Dom Pérignon feted the global debut of its new collaboration with Iris van Herpen, guest member of the prestigious Parisian Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, with a party at Pioneer Works Center for Arts and Innovation in Red Hook.  The balmy evening’s theme, “The Powe... Read More >

Brand New Kilo Bravo Enriches Williamsburg

Goodnight Mr. Lewis | By. Steve Lewis | September 4, 2014

Kate Buenaflor has had a successful nine-year run in Williamsburg with Soft Spot. Now she has opened Kilo Bravo with partner Richard DeVore. It’s slick but comfortable, the right balance between high-design and ease. It comes at a time when a new Williamsburg is being defined, a Williamsburg that retains much of its creative edge while catering to those who seek that edge. Williamsburg is a glo... Read More >

I'm not quite back yet from my take it easy it's the end of summer mindset, but I will soon tell you about some openings that are about to happen and why they may or may not float your boat. Something cool happened this past weekend. I found myself out in Montauk, a place I enjoy in dead winter but avoid during season. I guess I'm less tolerant of traffic and a lot of the pretentious bullshit The ... Read More >