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It took half a century, but the Tiberina legend Sora Lella has finally opened a Manhattan branch. The original family still runs the show, and they’ve brought along their classic recipes. Which means New Yorkers get to enjoy homemade pastas, like ricotta and spinach ravioli in “Grandma’s style” sauce, or “butcher style” rigatoni with oxtail, pine nut, and raisin, along with top takes on Roman-style cod, chicken, stuffed lamb, and rolled veal. For the home front, bartender Tommaso Mongini passes along this remix of a Moscow Mule. (The Ruski reference in the name is to the vodka, and in this version “mule” gets dropped because ginger ale packs less kick than ginger beer.) The corn and tomato crops may be getting washed out this year, but all this water is good for basil. Grab a handful of leaves and enjoy this refreshing summer cocktail from Sora Lella.

Moscow Basil Handful of basil leaves 2 1/2 oz vodka 1 oz sour mix 1/4 oz lemon juice Ginger ale Muddle a handful of basil leaves in a tumbler. Add ice cubes, vodka, sour mix, and lemon juice, and stir until ingredients are well integrated. Top off with ginger ale.