Originally published in July 2013, run again today in honor of Schrader's 68th birthday. In 1970, Charles Eames gave a talk at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. In the audience that day was a passion and hungry 24-year-old man, eager to be inspired, and ready to give the world a taste of all that stirred inside him. That young man was the now-iconic writer and director Paul Schrader,... Read More >

‘Positivilly Marvillainous’ at The Eric Firestone Gallery

Art | By. Cornelia Channing | July 19, 2014

This month, one of East Hampton’s premier art galleries is presenting an attention-piquing collection of more than fifteen modern and contemporary artists. The exhibition, which will be showing at the Eric Firestone gallery through July 27, is a playful and poignant repurposing of the cartoon clichés and comic book exaggerations of early twentieth century pop-culture. The gallery emphasizes th... Read More >

Sydney Albertini Opening in Amagansett

Art | By. Cornelia Channing | July 18, 2014

This Saturday, July 19th at the Jackson Carriage house at 129 Main Street (corner of Windmill Lane) in Amagansett, artist Sydney Albertini will be having an exhibition of her work. Blurring the line between fashion and fine art, Albertini combines seriousness and conceptual vision with a playful and bold style. The artist’s unique design sense incorporates a variety of patterns, textiles, and fo... Read More >

Grey Area East: A Space to Watch

Art | By. Cornelia Channing | July 18, 2014

This summer, Brooklyn gallery Grey Area has opened a pop-up space in The Hamptons. Functioning within Glenn Horowitz Bookseller in East Hampton, this new little space could be easily missed by one who doesn’t know it’s there. Among those who do know about Grey Area and curator Kyle DeWoody, this new location has sparked instant buzz. Emerging onto the Hamptons scene just in time to catch the... Read More >

Keith Sonnier Solo Show at Tripoli Gallery

Art | By. Cornelia Channing | July 17, 2014

Keith Sonnier, the renowned sculptor, will be having a show of some of his most recent work at Tripoli Gallery in Southampton. ‘Elliptical Transmissions’ will be on view at 30A Jobs Lane from July 17 through August 17, 2014, with a public reception on Thursday, July 17th from 6 to 8pm. Sonnier built a reputation for himself as part of the Process Art movement in the 60s and gained in... Read More >

Contemporary art may not be for everyone, but the new Ovation web series Touching the Art with Casey Jane Ellison definitely is. You might recognize Ellison from the VFILES series What The F*shion?, but off the screen she works as an artist and stand-up comic, credited with inventing the comedian avatar. Touching the Art premiers today with an episode featuring the New York Times art writer Jori F... Read More >

Bouchra Khalili, “The Mapping Journey Project,” 2008-11 Courtesy New Museum, New York: Benoit Pailley The New Museum’s latest exhibition “Here and Elsewhere” is a monumental feat for the contemporary art institution, offering New York City a critical assessment of the notion of the Arab world with works from over 45 artists and collectives representing more than 15 countries. Through a... Read More >

Courtesy of Rokudenashiko Japanese artist, Rokudenashiko decided she was unsatisfied with the common Japanese term for vagina, asoko, which translates literally to "down there." So, in an attempt to bring Japanese terminology for the vagina past elementary school level, she was determined to use and popularize the word manko, which means "pussy" through her art.  After taking a self... Read More >

Jon Rafman’s new video piece Mainsqueeze is a slow but unrelenting “poetic” survey of the contemporary condition as seen through the far reaches of the Internet. Rafman gained recognition for his ongoing 9-Eyes project, which sources images from Google Street View and presents a curated sample of the diverse swaths of life captured by the mapping camera’s eerie gaze. He relied on a similar... Read More >

All New York’s a Stage: Meatpacking District Then and Now

Art | By. Matthew Grumbach | July 14, 2014

Considering the concentration of luxury hotels, boutiques, and glitzy nightclubs in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, it’s difficult to image a time when there was actually a bustling meat market there, but Brian Rose has the photographs to prove it. In “Metamorphosis, Meatpacking District 1985 + 2013,” (opening July 15th at Dillon Gallery) Rose will exhibit a cache of historic and serendi... Read More >