Four Art Shows You Should See This Weekend

Art | By. Matthew Grumbach | September 12, 2014

Checkpoint, 2014. Courtesy of the artist and Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York © Roxy Paine A giant steel sculpture, a life-size wooden diorama, a solo exhibition as imaginative as a Lewis Carroll fantasy world, and a group show of satanic ceramics will have your running around downtown Manhattan this weekend. Over in Chelsea Marianne Boesky Gallery presents “Denuded Lens,” a solo exhibitio... Read More >

Cory Arcangel’s “tl;dr” Show at Team Gallery

Art | By. Leila Samii | September 11, 2014

Pop icons receive artist Cory Arcangel’s technologically inclined treatment in his latest exhibit “tl;dr”.  On display at Team Gallery’s Wooster street location, the exhibit consists of a series of works entitled Lakes, in which Arcangel applies the Java applet “Lake” to pop culture related images on flat screen televisions turned vertically.  The humorously relevant works include... Read More >

The ATL Twins Are Artists Now

Art | By. BlackBook | September 11, 2014

Photos by Ben Rosenzweig Harmony Korine's drug dealing duo from Springbreakers, a pair of sort of reverse polygamists (I don't know... the two share the same girlfriends not sometimes but at all times,) and paralegals by day, the now infamous ATL Twins are adding something new to their diverse and alarming résumé: artists. Their first show, hosted at Harif Guzman's Wooster Street gallery,... Read More >

Talking Art, Jazz, and Fishing With the Legendary John Lurie

Art | By. Hillary Weston | September 9, 2014

Tonight marks the first night of Strange and Beautiful: The Music and Art of John Lurie Festival, beginning with the opening of an exhibition of his paintings "The other side of The Great Wall of Fuck" at Le Poisson Rouge, as well as Strange and Beautiful: Ensemble LPR performs string quartets by John Lurie and his compositions re-imagined for string quintet. His paintings will be on view until ... Read More >

Star Power, 2014. Photo by James Prinz Photography, Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York © Nick Cave Jack Shanmain Gallery has mounted a compelling two-part exhibition of new sculptural work by the Chicago-based artist Nick Cave. “Made for Whites by Whites” arrives at the gallery’s 20th Street location in Chelsea as the protests in Ferguson, Missouri over the police... Read More >

Francesco Clemente is beguiling.  Born in Naples, Italy, Clemente has had a long, passionate affair with India for many years which not only resulted in he and his family living in Southern India, but is also wildly emblematic in the cross-cultural exchange in this body of work.  Living in India has shaped and informed Clemente’s creative vocabulary expressing itself in a deeply rich, personal... Read More >

The Future Feminists Take New York

Art | By. Zak​ Krevitt​ | September 6, 2014

The Future Feminists: Antony, Johanna Constantine, Kembra Pfahler, Bianca Casady, and Sierra Casady (not pictured)  “The Subjugation of Women and the Earth is one and the same”. [Tenet Number 1 of 13] We met up with Kembra Pfahler, Antony, Bianca Casady, and Johanna Constantine to talk about the future of feminism, the art of talking, and their involvement at The Hole later this mont... Read More >

Meet the Cool Kids of ‘New Art City’

Art | By. Matthew Grumbach | August 30, 2014

It appears in the news and looms in the streets. It’s something you gripe about with your friends and grieve on solemn taxi rides, but the purported death of the downtown New York City ethos is a fallacy the “New Art City” exhibition has finally put to rest.  The show was curated by Raat City, which is the kind of like the Emerald City of selfies and disaffected youth, ruled by it boy coupl... Read More >

Fresh New Way to Collect Art

Art | By. Matthew Grumbach | August 28, 2014

Prints, sculptures, photographs, paintings -- these are not the items you would typically find in a Community Supported Agriculture share, but a new program has mimicked the farming model, offering collectors locally-sourced bounties of art. Jill Allyn Peterson and Dianne Debicella founded the Brooklyn Community Supported Art + Design (CSA+D) and organized the first New York City art share season ... Read More >

Mint&Serf Celebrate New York’s Young and Restless

Art | By. Matthew Grumbach | August 23, 2014

Photo by Mike Krim New York City graffiti duo Mint and Serf have curated a new show at Tribeca’s No Romance Galleries featuring four photographers who cast a youthful glimmer over to the gritty pallor of the downtown scene. Location is everything for PJ Monte, Mike Krim, Osvaldo Chance Jimenez, and Harry McNally. They comprise a rising group of documentarians whose work conveys an acutely urban... Read More >