Eagles of Death Metal Gives First Interview Since Paris Attacks

Photo via VICE Eagles of Death Metal gave their first official interview today since ISIS attackers opened fire on their Paris concert two weeks ago, shooting 89 attendees—one a crew member—in the Bataclan theatre....

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#Squadsgiving is Coming to Ruin Your Holiday Weekend

Gram, tweet and hashtag your way through the holiday.

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Interview: John Malkovich on New 100 Years Project

The actor holds forth on the film that you won't actually get to see.

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Watch the Incredible First Trailer for For Miguel Gomes’ Epic New Film ‘Arabian Nights’

Ahead of the three-part screening of Arabian Nights at Cannes, enjoy the astonishing first trailer for Miguel Gomes' 6.5 hour epic follow-up to Tabu.

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From ‘Carol’ to ‘Tangerine’: This Year’s Independent Spirit Award Nominees

From Todd Haynes to Sean Baker.

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